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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Work One, Rest One

Yesterday, I rested. Today I almost worked.

When you ride out you never know what will happen in a day. So far, this month, we lost a rope (thankfully an old worn out one), a straw cowboy hat (which we miraculously found today), a pup (that I have looked and called and whistled and fretted over that hasn't come home), and today it was a pair of Kirk Bensmiller (handsome canadian chuckwagon driver) type prescription sunglasses in 6 feet of stinky black water.

This is shortly after my cowboy on Trouper (aka Grumpy) crossed that, what looks to be a little, ditch with a great big hole in it. Trouper when in right up to his eyeballs and lunged and jumped till my cowboy was riding his neck. Luckily the only casualty was the sunglasses and a nice flat top felt hat, that he was wearing to church, (but since he lost his only other hat, he had to wear it) that is specked with black stinky slim.

I was prepared to work but the neighbor boy was there having too much fun so I just took pictures. (Yes, this time he's riding Wilbur. I'm on the sorrel grandkids horse, GW.)

 The neighbor boy caught one hind leg and then my cowboy caught the front end. (Right now, calves are big enough here that it's easier with two people.) Trouper's already tied off to the calf.

My cowboy is tying the top two legs, one front and one back, so the calf won't struggle as much while he is being given the needle and having his sore foot sprayed with wound spray. (Note the cow reassuring her calf that she's there and it's going to be all right). The neighbor boy is down on the ground and tying off to Wilbur so he is free to help. 

He's about to mark the calf with that orange spray paint so we'll know this calf has been treated. The spray will last only a few days before it wears off but we'll be back in the herd checking on his progress before that happens.

All done and Trouper watches another 'satisfied customer' happily leave with his momma. 

So it was an easy day for me, Yaaaaaay!


The Wife said...

So nice to have good neighbors! And I'm glad you got to sit back and take pictures. Like to watch men work. ;o)

Crystal said...

Your neighbor kid is awesome, what a good helper.

Shirley said...

That's great that you got some help and got to take photos. Hope that pup comes home.

fernvalley01 said...

Nice work ! I do hope your pup has come to no harm. glad you have such good nieghbors and friends so you can have a bit of a rest and show us pictures

Nicole said...

That's so awesome that the momma cow was allowing them to help her baby. I think our momma cows would have attacked us and if not them, the buffalo sure would have. Our buffalo don't like strange un-ordinary things! And I love that the horses just stand there and help! That's awesome

Linda said...

Great photos! Glad Daniel is available for you, he's a good kid!

LindaG said...

Great neighbors. Glad you got fresh air and thanks for the pictures.
Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

aurora said...

Glad you got an easier job. Great cowboys in action pics!