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Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Much of a Day

Yucky day, I guess I over did it a bit yesterday and ended up taking it easy all day but I did make an awesome salad and fruit dessert concoction. 
One of the advantages of cooking French is that there is always Creme Fraiche (fresh cream). Tonight one of the young barn cats snuck in the house and I gave him a spoonful of it on a saucer. He thought he'd made it to Heaven.
Hopefully tomorrow will more of a productive day. Now for mooooooooore sleep.


Shirley said...

Keep that up and you cats are going to be meowing in French!

Nicole said...

awe, cute kitty cat! My dogs don't allow cats at our house so that must be why I'm not much of a cat person. Well that and my basement cat I used to have peed all over my stuff all the time.

LindaG said...

Hope today is going well for you! :)

The Wife said...

That barn cat will never be the same! Once you go cream, you never go back! ;o)

Jennifer said...

Such a cutie. :)