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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Stills-Clouds

Should-we-keep-riding-up-here-on-this-hill-or-will-it-blow-by Clouds

Backside-of-a-storm Clouds

Cotton clouds

Hint-of-a-promise Clouds

Night Clouds

Rain-in-the-morning Clouds


Shirley said...

The backside one and the morning ones are my favorite in this bunch, and I like the light in the first one too. I loved this challenge.

Linda said...

Well done.......we've had some awe inspiring clouds this summer!

Crystal said...

the last one is so cool!

LindaG said...

A few years ago we were faced with some 'should we keep going' clouds, and we thought sure. What the heck. We aren't sugar and it's just rain. 30 miles later we were still dry, but those clouds had turned quite black and we decided we didn't need to do whatever it was and turned around and came home.
And when we listened to the weather later that day, if we had gone on ahead, we would have driven into a tornado with one heck of a thunderstorm.
I do enjoy your pictures though. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely clouds and it's so awesome to think they change so dramatically. Sometimes you get stuff from them and sometimes you don't. Sometimes they have shapes and again, sometimes they don't. Lovely!

gtyyup said...

Lots of changing weather going on your way...some pretty dramatic shots! Well done~