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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Feel

The swallows are starting to bunch up (they are always welcome here), a sign that we'll wake up one day and they will just be gone.

The feel in the air has changed. It warm but it's cool and the light is yellower. Fall, my used-to-be-favorite time of year: harvest  bussyness and plentifulness, canning, excitement of school starting, bugs dying (yaah!).

Since we moved to the lease it means the job here ends the middle of Nov and winters are hungrier and usually mean a change in lifestyle along with the change to a different job. This lease job is seasonal, we're only paid 7 months of the year and have to look for other work for 5. The house is free but we still have to pay utilities.

The older I get the more I dread being cold and hungry and then there are no cows on the lease around me either. Last winter I helped a purebred Red Angus breeder at calving time (Feb and March) and they were real good to me. I think I might do that again this winter. At least I still get to hang out around cows, maybe take my pup with me too.


Jamie said...

I LOVE that picture of the barbed wire fence! Good luck during your "down time."

LindaG said...

I love winter for bugs dying, too. ;)
Can you have your own cow? Not necessarily a purebred, just a cow. That might help you during the lean months.
Good luck with the 5 month thing. Will all the experience you and your cowboy have, I would think you'll find something soon.
Have a good weekend! :)

Rachel said...

I was wondering what it was you and your hubby do exactly, if you owned or what. Now I'm kinda on the understanding of it. ;)

It feels like fall is coming to me too. And I'm ready, I think, at least for ALL the bugs to die, they have been horrible!!! Just not the green grass and flowers and the beautiful birdies to leave!!

fernvalley01 said...

I like when it cools down as well, but the work thing would be a hard thing to face. MAybe you should try sellling some artwork, you have an incredible talent!

aurora said...

Love the fence photo!

"The air" is starting to change around here too...funny how it evokes feelings & memories.

Nicole said...

Wow, what interesting lives you guys have, seriously!

gtyyup said...'ve got the feel too now...we had that ice two days ago...and today it's supposed to be 99 degrees! Then this afternoon, we've got a wind warning bringing in a cooling trend for a few days...yep, fall's coming :(

Linda said...

It does feel like fall in the's my favorite season. I like the cooler air and the winding down of things.......what I don't
like is the winter that follows;)

Shirley said...

Been 32 degrees here the last few days, not cooling off yet. But the mornings have been a little nippier. We're heading to Kamloops Friday afternoon for the family reunion.

jennifer said...

Funny, I had the exact same feeling. Hmmm. I'm just a countrygirl/cowgirl at heart aren't I. Bring up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it...
Love you Mom!