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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tired and Happy

I forgot how tough I was. I forget a lot of things, especially to charge my camera battery. Of all the stupid things. Today we rode in the prettiest pasture down by the river but my camera ran out of juice. Still, I got a couple of shots.

Buddy looked so good today (and my cowboy too, even though he's a little camera shy, a tough deal for a blogger's spouse)

Miles and smiles of Alberta. That's the Red Deer River. (Notice how all the Needle and Thread grass has cured and turned prairie gold. It really is thick as wool after this exceptionally wet year.)

I've never seen this many snakes either or ones so big. This is one of the bigger Gartner snakes I've seen. 

and he wasn't dead either.

They are bright coloured and not poisonous. I don't mind them too much.

The bad news is when we went to pull the last bull out of the late Red Angus herd we rode everywhere in the Spring Field, and no cows. Then we found where the cows had rubbed a gate down and are all mixed up with the Charolais herd. So then we hunted through the whole Milne field trying to find that dang little bull but came up empty handed. Now my cowboy is worried that the dirty begger is in there breeding all those big heifer calves. 

It made for a long, butt tiring day. I walked the last half mile because I was just too sore to sit anymore but it made Trouper happy.


aurora said...

Love the prairie photo, such expansive land.

I hear ya on the camera shy/blogger needs. I'm usually getting flack for snapping what I do take. In part the reason(s) for some pic-less posts. I don't like my picture taken either, so I try to be selective. However without visuals, we would be missing the beauty of it all!

A loose horny bull, yikes! He is probably grinning from ear to ear. Hope you find him soon.

The Wife said...

So glad you're feelin' better and can get out to do what you truly love! I'm sure that bull is spreadin' the love somewhere. ;o)

LindaG said...

Beautiful country. :)
Hope you find the dirty little beggar soon!

Linda said...

I haven't seen many snakes this year....a few early in the year and a couple of dead ones on the road. The Bossman said they're heading back to den....already. Makes me wonder what kind of winter we'll be having.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful country!

Mo said...

That there is a dandy snake. Came across one on the other end of the spectrum recently, he wasn't too pleased about it, pretended he was as big as the one in your picture. He was vicious enough to keep the dogs away and made me laugh.

Rachel said...

Great pics!!
Hope you find the bull. They're pains, but neccesary pains... ha!

Anonymous said...

ACK! SNAKE!!! Ok whew it's gone :) And that's horrible about the dumb cows. That's one thing, cows get out and cause problems! We have Santa Gertrudis and I swear they could jump a 10 foot fence sometimes! They keep tearing up my dad's fences.

Crystal said...

Hope you find him today! Should be better now that you know what you are looking for.

gowestferalwoman said...

Lets hope the big boy is getting too tired to "service" the ladies and is just getting some peace and quiet and food somewhere !

I grew up with garter snakes - they let out quite a stink when you handle them. My mother did not appreciate doing my laundry when i was a girl!