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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Creme, Creme, and more Creme

First I have to apologize to anyone looking for cowboy stories cause today there is none and it's all a Charolais bulls fault so hate him (like I do).

My new hobby . . .cooking? Well get this it's not just cooking, it's French cooking.

This is coming from someone who eats like a coyote, gobble-slurp-snarl-gobble, then doesn't eat till tomorrow (that's one can of beans, out of the tin, and cold). My poor body thinks it's starving all the time and hangs on to every last calorie I wolf (or coyote) down. That's not good.

My problems starts with-- I hate eating, goes to-- I hate cooking, and on to-- I hate shopping for food. I think I have to start liking to eat. And who likes to eat more than a Frenchman and who like to cook more than a Frenchman and who shops for groceries everyday? And how many fat Frenchmen do you see? Somewhere in there I think there is help for me.

So I started with shopping for food (since I can't cook or eat what I don't have) . . .  this is the usual. 

I have a limited budget to buy groceries so I put in a lot of effort into finding the cheapest way to get what I want, comparing prices, sizes, etc. Plus I keep a running total of how much I have spent so far. Beans $1.25, a Bag of apples (have to weigh those) lets see that's 3 lbs times $1.29 so that's around $3.75 added to the $1.25 so that's $5, I need bannas- oh no! they are $.89 today so I won't buy any and so it goes. Plus, I have to keep an eagle eye on my cowboy who likes to slip junk food into the cart when I'm not looking and messes up all my calculations. By the time I'm done with all that stress, who wants to cook the dang stuff?

Shopping . . . the new way. 

1st get rid of cowboy! (what a relief), second take more money than I think I will need. Then imagine I have all the time in the world, wander around the fresh produce section almost the entire time (fresh ingredients--no package stuff for the French). Treat choosing apples like an act of love.  Smell things, turn them over and look at all sides and ask "Is this going to make the man I love, more than anything in the world,  go: "oo la la?". (Note: best not to shop when I'm mad at that man)  and to h___ with the cost (the Welsh in me cringes at the thought).

Sounds all silly, well maybe, but I did it like that and in all my long life I have never enjoyed shopping for food so much.

Never seen a fat frenchwoman? Creme, creme, and more creme, so how do they do it? They say it's all about portion control. You can enjoy anything in 3 bites. One to savour the taste, one the texture, and one the aroma. That's pretty hard for the coyote in me but I'm going to try that next.


Kate said...

Portion control and real food instead of stuff out of packages. It takes a little more time, but consider it a form of entertainment!

ain't for city gals said...

Never cringe about the price when buying fruits and vegetables and yes try to find a good natural store and buy organic...I hardly ever go to a regular grocery store anymore..that is where all the junk processed empty calories the long run you save money by buying the good stuff...our bodies deserve good food...especially when you work as hard as you and cowboy do..

Cheyenne said...

You're hilarious! Men are ALWAYS the bad guys trying to slip junk food in the cart. When I was a little girl, Dad didn't come to the grocery store with us much, but boy, did I think we had hit the jackpot when he tagged along with us girls. Oh my, there were treats galore in that shopping cart-things my mom would never dream of buying.

Hooray for shopping like a French lady...even if you are Welsh...I think there is a strong contradiction there. ;)

Crystal said...

I cant imagine not liking eating, I love to eat, but cooking and the shopping not so much, but necisaty for the eating, and they cupcakes were delicious!

fernvalley01 said...

That is the difference between living to eat and eating to live .I can gain weight just thinking about food so ...

LindaG said...

I can't take my hubby shopping for just the opposite reason. He rushes through the store so fast that even if I have a list, I don't get half of it and then I have to make another trip. Which is a disaster if I'm trying to save money. ;)

I've gotten to where instead of buying a week or two worth of groceries, I buy for a couple days meals and in the long run I think I'm actually saving money, weird as it seems.

Good luck with your challenge! :)

Nicole said...

I love to cook :) I need to lose weight though :(... I must not be doing something right either.

Linda said...

Small bites!! You'll love cooking...the best part is getting to try everything.

Shirley said...

There is a whole new world out there for you! Your grandkids are going to love coming to visit even more if you keep making those cupcakes!