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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No. 2

I was glad to get to go out today but a lot gladder to get home.

We have a horrible outbreak of foot rot in the calves. Some of the cows are limping but that doesn't look like foot rot, not sure what's going on there yet. Calves are so big here from the good grass that it takes 2 to get them treated and I'm no. 2.

I wish I was a little more up to snuff. Had to quit riding and have the truck come get me again today.  I picked a few pretty weeds while I waited.

Forgot my camera so I missed a great shot of a herd of Elk that weren't far from where I laid down in the grass (I was a little nervous about them being so close). "Elk?" you say.

Get this. The British Block (a huge piece of prairie dedicated to military training) got rid of the Wild Horses (1st mistake) because they thought they were a problem and imported Elk instead (2nd mistake), now there's an Elk problem (there was never any elk here before they tampered) and now they have imported Wolves (3rd mistake) to fix the Elk problem so soon there will be a Wolf problem. I wonder what they plan on doing to get rid of the Wolf problem, unleash the crazy Monkeys they experiment on? (I think that's just a rumor about those monkeys running loose on the block.) And then there will be the Monkey problem. "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly . . . " Sound familiar?

Plus we can't find one of the pups that came with us, and I looked as hard as I could and called and whistled.  We were in the pasture by the house but its probably 4,000 acres and full of the Ducks Unlimited Project, so lots of water and brush. Hope he can find his way home.

And I was glad I missed going to town (I took the truck,was looking for the dog, and got left) but not glad I missed going to Crystal's. I just feel like I've been run over by a train right now. So where did I put those pills?


fernvalley01 said...

Hope you find the pup.Wht a trainwreck , get rid of the horses for elk , ad wolves , Like you say what next?Govt intelligence is truly an oxymoron by times

Shirley said...

Ah yes, the government in all their wisdom.... They should import some hunters for the elk, charge them some astronomical price, and put the money in the heritage trust fund to be used to prosecute people who kill and maim the wild horses for sport. Makes sense to me!
I hope your dog comes home. Which one was it?
How come things pile up when you least need them to? You need a #3 to help out!

Linda said...

I went to the Hat today and there must be a couple thousand in the Block at any given time.....we're seeing them here too. Hope you get healed up soon.......I like pills when I feel like that.....been there....done that!

ain't for city gals said...

Try to take it easy and let things heal..I know it is hard but you might be doing more harm than good in the long run ...I know, I know..I am not your

LindaG said...

You would think that Canada would have looked at the U.S. and elsewhere and realized that importing non-native species is never a good thing.
But people never seem to learn.

I do hope your pup finds his way back. *Hugs* ♥

Nicole said...

I hope you get to feeling better! Elk? Really? I've never seen an Elk. I want to though!

The Wife said...

It's amazing how government "solves" problems. Hope the pup finds his way home.

aurora said...

You are not the #2 I thought this post might be about ;)

Seriously, hope you are feeling better soon and that the pup finds his way home. Words to live by "don't mess with mother nature"...