You know you've won, in life, when people pay you to do what you would pay them to let you do

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wasted Days/Wasted Nights

A day wasted because of a bad night. Like my cowboy says when I tell him I need to sleep, I'll have another chance tonight.

I did manage to get some things cleaned up. I came up with a solution to my-boots-in-the-middle-of-the-floor-can-never-find-them-in-the-dark-closet problem. I stuck cup hooks on the closet door and hung the boots up on them. His boots on the left, hers on the right (those teal tops are 18 inch shafts).

I love my 2 pairs of bronc boots that I ride in, cowboy heel and all. They are split quite low in the front and back so they slip off before they get hung up, thus the name bonc boots. Saved me at least once from a big wreck. 

The holes in the top make it easy to hang on the hook. The other boots I had to run a flexible wire through to hang them but it seems to work. I'll tell you after this week if it's too big a pain to do that. For now I'm pretty pleased with myself.

That pink stick leaning against the wall is my cow-poker that I won as a door prize at the Ladies Livestock Lessons. Not that I ever poke cows. My tool of choice (my rope) is a little longer (45 feet).


Shirley said...

I've got one of those stock sticks too; it's what I use to remind Beamer of his manners in breeding season. Mostly I use it when I get a chance to work my dogs on sheep, to block them or show them the direction I want them to go. (We haven't progressed to whistles yet.) When I worked the alleys at Rimbey Auction Mart I used one of those sticks; came in handy stuffing bulls into pens.

The Wife said...

Pretty ingenious idea about the boots! I ♥ the pink sortin' stick. I need one like that. Since we do everything a foot, I usually have a whip. But I would so use that pink stick.

fernvalley01 said...

I use a cane , just to make my arms longer whan sorting in the samll pens,but a pink stock stick, that would be great! I bet the boys wouldn't wander off with that and leave me empty handed!

Crystal said...

Man I need a pink stick like that, then maybe Neil wouldnt always be stealin mine. And if he did, I would know for sure, lol

~ Janis said...

Great idea for the boots!

I also was in awe reading about the Shepherds Prayer.

Stumbled across your blog by accident and am SO glad I did.

Janis in Vermont

Nicole said...

I so need to come steal your pink topped ones for my wedding... We plan on doing a "boot" shot for the wedding and all my boot tops are boring... browns or blacks :(. Oh well I'm still excited.