You know you've won, in life, when people pay you to do what you would pay them to let you do

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bulls, of Course

Today's work, pulling 7 Charolais bulls in the heat.

And dropping them off in the bull field.

My warning today is never pray for patience. If you do, God might just give you 70 bulls that walk slower than mollases going up hill.

My reward, frozen pizza and a nice hot bath.


Oliver Family said...

Frozen Pizza always sounds good after a long day of work. Good to hear you haven't had to much trouble with the big babies (bulls)

Anonymous said...

hehe I think you might secretly like those Charolais bulls, or maybe they like you :) haha :) I love that first picture!

Crystal said...

Thats funny, about praying for patience. So true though.

LindaG said...

Sounds like a nice reward. :)

Cheyenne said...

Frozen pizza is a delight!

Jennifer said...

Oh gosh, I had to bring in our milk cow and calves the other day. She was as bad as a old bull! She did not want to leave the herd, and come back to the barn where she belongs. ;) If she wasn't plodding along at a snails pace, she was trying to turn back.