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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Stills-Shadows

You can see the rein-chains. It's like my shadow has a camera and is taking a picture of me

I posted this before but I thought it fit here. Blue and my shadow are friends apparently although I know he only loves me.

I love my church and the folks I go to church with. I never go but that I don't come away loved, uplifted, and edified (fed spiritually) enough to make it one more week, till the next Sabbath. Today I learned the coolest thing as we were studying the 23rd Psalm,"The Lord is my Shepherd." It was the Psalm from a real shepherd's perspective, a Basque Shepherd.

So maybe if you don't care for God, or stock, or animals it won't mean as much to you. Or if you have sheep it might mean even more but it tweaked my cowboy's interest when they mentioned the Basque because in Elko, Nevada, at a restaurant there, the artist included these people in a 4-wall mural of the cycle of life on the range due to the respect the Great Basin cowboys had for these sheep folks. 

Knowing my cowboy's perspective on sheep (the one thing he's said he's allergic too) it was notable to see how interested he was in this old Reader's Digest article. Really, I'd recommend you check it out.

Every day, I can see His hand in all that I'm blessed with. I don't think there's a real cowboy (or cowgirl) alive that doesn't know and worship the Good Shepherd. Maybe his worship isn't always in a church building but  I think it's there in every small kindness to an animal in need, in every song his heart sings, and every time he lifts his eyes heavenward. 


Cheyenne said...

Where do you go to church?

Shirley said...

I'll never understand folks who profess to be atheists. Chaos could never produce the intricate interactions of nature, much less the human mind. My favourite line in that psalm is in the last verse: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

LindaG said...


That was a great article. Told me a lot about the 23rd Psalm that I did not know. :)

Hard to believe they are predicting Reader's Digest to go bankrupt in the next year or two.

Hope you both have a good week! I'm sure it will be blessed. ♥

Linda said...


fernvalley01 said...

Lovely post.Living in such beauty how can we help but to have faith.

Crystal said...

How cool, something we heard about forever and how it actually has more meaning to you (and me) than before

Nicole said...

haha... I truthfully think I am allergic to sheep, the wool, but I own some :) I haven't had time to read the article yet but I will :) I just thought it was funny about the sheep comment.

picturesbybrenda said...

That was, and is, wonderful! What a masterpiece. The part where the sheep leave line and grazing to come to the master for a rub, just gave me goosebumps. We see God everywhere when we are around animals.

And that is why the photo of your dog laying in your shadow is so special!