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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bugs and Bulls

I am so sick of bugs and I am so sick of bulls, only 22 to go (bulls, that is, the bugs number in the kajillions). I'm tired and hot and cranky.

Got in an argument with my cowboy after chasing a Red Angus through the brush (on foot). Heaven help the big wuss (the bull, that is, not the cowboy) if he hadn't run off I'd have. . . done something horrible to him. Rode back home at a gallup, now I'm sulking alone in the house in the middle of the afternoon, trying hard to calm down. I have to get too pumped sometimes to deal with those bulls and I can't control my temper (it's like being on anabolic steroids).

I'm going to go die my hair, get cleaned up, and paint my toenails!!! How's that for mad?


The Wife said...

I know it's not funny, but I had to giggle.

fernvalley01 said...

You go girl! Hot weather a storm brewing, bugs and cattle ,if that doesn't set of sparks not much will! SOme chocolate ,or wine if you imbibe now and then to go with the pamper me time would fit in well!

LindaG said...

How's that for mad?
That part made me chuckle, sorry.

Sorry to hear about the bull and the argument, too. It does happen when it's hot and buggy and such though.
Hopefully by the time you're finished with all that, you'll be feeling better. :)

Nicole said...

Yeah I sometimes can't control my temper either. I've been working on it though! Just remember, "Kiss me good night." :)

CCC said...

Alergic to chocolate ( I know how sad is that) and gave up wine (aah, strawberry wine, but I won't go there).

Linda said...

A good dye job and toenail painting will probably do the trick........or some quality "alone" time.

Shirley said...

I've had days like that.... my husband knows to just leave me alone then!