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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Red Faced Cowboys

Yesterday, late, my cowboy calls and says he has a problem (unlike the real old time cowboys the board insists, in spite of his protestations, that he carry a cell phone).

"Oh-oh!" I think. I know he's pulling Charolais bull but he sounds calm but . . . odd. "What?"I ask.
"Well, it's kind of embarrasing," He tells me.
So now I really am wondering what's going on. "Yaa?" I quiz.
"Well, it's my bull whip. . . it's stuck in this bulls tail."
I smile but try not to sound like I am, "Oh ya?"
"Can you come out and make sure I get him in?"
I tell him, ya, and head out to the gate, with my camera. I took a picture but I knew better than to ask.
"I suppose you're going to blog that?" he grumbles.
"Yup," I smile.


LindaG said...

Hehe. :)

Crystal said...

oh my, too funny!

The Wife said...

hehe...our men just love the blog! That's funny!

Shirley said...

Well I guess that's proof that it is a "bull" whip!

Jennifer said...

Lol! My hubby doesn't even ask anymore, he knows if the camera is out, it's probably gonna be on the blog. ;)

Linda said...

Tell him he should have dallied up is all.

gtyyup said...

Anything is fair blogging fodder...My Man knows that!

Love your stories and photos...stopped by from Shirley's at Ride a Good Horse.

Anonymous said...

haha... that's awesome... yeah I would have too :)

Oliver Family said...

Anything can happen out there, even for dad! Wish I was there to lend a hand. That was pretty funny though.