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Friday, July 16, 2010

The New Look

Any complaints about the new look? I feel so creative. I really liked the calico pattern on the old one but I kind of felt like a change. Not sure I like this as good. (I am going back to my old way)

Ever wonder what cattle are doing when you're not around, like at night? Well, I'm still not sure but I got pictures of it last night.

Creepy, eh? Our barrel racer loves zombi movies, I wonder what she would say about a new flick: "Attack of the Zombie Herd?"

Actually the bugs have been so bad they are driving the cows into one big tight herd at night. These ones found some dirt to stand on where the trail goes to a small oil battery. I hoped they weren't thinking we were coming to help. Not much we can do but keep the oiler full.

What are we doing driving around out in the field in the dark? Dropping off bulls, of course.

When I was a kid I thought the lease rider had the easiest job in the world, that he ate steak every night, and they were all either arrogant or lazy. Be careful what you think, is all I can say.


Anonymous said...

great photos... and I like the new look! Very clean! :)

fernvalley01 said...

I like the new design , but I liked the old one as well. The cows pictures made me think of theat silly song "cows with guns"

The Wife said...

I get wild hairs ever so often to change my blog. The parchment look is cool.

The zombie picture is funny. Love those bright eyes!

LindaG said...

Definitely makes for some unusual photos with the cows. :)
Why do you have to move bulls at night? Because of the heat?

Hope you have a good weekend. :)

Crystal said...

I like the second zombie cows, the sky is cool.

I like the new look too, its so fun to change.

aurora said...

Not sure what your blog looked like before (as you know, I'm new here) but I like this look. I LOVE your header picture! Showed my hubby, and he said "nice Wade saddle". Yep, one of us grew up with horses, and one of us wishes they had...

Cheyenne said...

I laughed right on out loud when you thought your lease rider just age steak every night and was either arrogant or lazy. haha!

Those pictures are, I love the new look! :)

Shirley said...

Bugs are annoying the horses here too, the mares tend to hang out in a tight group with Kai in the middle. Poor Beamer is all by himself, no one to swish flies off him! I like the new look except the header is all off balance.

~ Janis said...

Good Morning!

Love the look ( I did a similar change 2 weeks ago )but the header is way off to the left. Try to center it.
Also.... the words you had the other day about a blue eyed, dog loving, pony kissing etc etc are missing, and they made me smile when I read them and thought they were so appropriate.
Does anyone know how to get 4 photos up in a block ( instead of one at a time ) like I see some bloggers do? I need tutoring.
Have a safe weekend,
Janis in Vermont

CCC said...

I went back to my old ways

Shirley said...

Janis, go to and follow their instructions to build a collage. It's simple and free.

Linda said...

I haven't seen the new can build a collage with Picasa too.

~ Janis said...

I noticed you went back to the previous design.
Did you have problems trying to center the header or what ?
If you need help, let us know. Collectivly we should be able to get your new design issues straightened out. Really.

Shirley & Linda, thanks for the info!

CCC said...

Sometime (during the winter) I'll have more time to work on stuff. Most days I'm on brain-fry mode, especially now with this heat. I don't do heat well. But thanks a bunch. I appreciated your comments. I did glance at Piknik and Picasa and plan to check that out more too.