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Monday, July 5, 2010

Town (Not)

These are my go-to-town-without-poop-on-my-boots boots. The boots I spend most of my time in, riding, are much different but these I think are cute. Blue is my favorite colour.

Well, even a trip to town can be interesting (when you get back). I got in the house with my arms full of cat food, milk, and cow drugs (Oxymycene for the Foot Rot) just in time to catch the phone ringing.  My cowboy needed me to open a couple of gates right away so I rushed back out to the car and drove to the two wire gates and pulled them out of the way.

He was bringing in two big Charolais bulls on my colt Hooch. (Only he would try that on a colt with 34 rides on him). You can't see it but my buttons are popping :)

The pups were so excited in the kennels that they were making the job kind of hard with their barking so I drove back and Shhushed them but ended up having to spend the whole time in the kennel with the girls to keep them quiet. I took pictures. It was a long wait (bad bulls).

Pashaw didn't like being shhushed and went to hide in her house.

Blue is hiding in the grass. (He has a good 'Lie down') so as not to upset the incoming bulls.

I'm hiding too.

But I have a question or two: does anyone know what makes clouds like these flat on the bottom?

And do you think if lightening struck my neighbors rock sculpture (that he has at the entrance to his driveway) it might come to life and walk our way?  Sure looks like it to me :)


LindaG said...

Had a good chuckle at the rock sculpture. It does look scary. :)

The clouds, I think it's related to a weather front, but my memory isn't much better than a sieve now-a-days, haha.
I think I would expect the possibility of rain from them at some point. :)

Beautiful sky, beautiful dogs. Love the boots and the bulls definitely look like they could be trouble. Your cowboy looks pretty calm though. :)
Thanks for all the great pictures!

fernvalley01 said...

No idea on the clouds , or the sculpture(?) But something tells me that if your hubby was asked why he would move bulls with your semi green colt ,he would respond something like"he's gotta do it sometime" or something equally as straightforward. Nice colt by the way , looks like he handled the task well

Crystal said...

That rock sculpture makes me laugh still.

Linda said...

I like the Pashaw pic. I've been meaning to build a rock sculpture but haven't go around to it yet.

Nicole said...

I love the town boots! They look comfortable! Like Ariats! I love Ariat's!!

Jennifer said...

I have the same pair of boots...different color though.
Great pictures!

Shirley said...

I know that look well that Pashaw is giving you. I think the flat bottom on the clouds has to do with temperature, maybe cooler (more dense) air laying on the hotter air. But whaddo I know!
Need some thread for those buttons? ;0)