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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Happy Ending

"I  want to be loved, not just used!" That's what I was thinking when I galloped home today. My cowboy brought the bull in himself (without a problem, he said), then announced he was going to town. Me, I'm still too crabby, so I stay home and fall asleep, when I had other plans (painting my toenails and all). This is what I wake up to.

Flowers, my two favorite bubble baths, and a really cute card with mushy stuff written inside. 

Now you know why women love cowboys.

All that, on top of a good nap, did wonders for my disposition.

 We went for a ride together to check the Charolais herd after that.
 It was cooler, a nice breeze, I didn't see one bug ( I didn't look), and we had a really good time.

My cowboy rode my colt, Hooch. 
We checked some of the few trees there, in a little hollow.
My cowboy says: "I hope there's no moose in there. 
This colt's gonna have a hard time bucking me off if  a moose is chasing us."
I couldn't help but laugh.

Bachgen got to come (and he found a rock to talk to which made his day).

 and I rode Trouper who was a perfect gentleman the whole time.

Yup, a happy me and a happy ending.


fernvalley01 said...

So sweet ! What a guy , glad your day got better. I love the comment
"This colt's gonna have a hard time bucking me off if a moose is chasing us."
Sounds like a few cowboys I know as well.
Older fella was here tonight to haul a horse I sold and when I was saying goodbye his comment was "yup, good bye, good luck and don't come running back to me if the hore breaks your legs"
Not that he would

LindaG said...

Yay! Glad to hear it. My hubby is like that, too. I'll start getting upset or whatever and then he'll do something really sweet.
He's not a cowboy, but he's a country boy.
Can't live with men sometimes but we sure wouldn't want to. :)

Shirley said...

Awww the smile in the last photo says it all! Sometimes we have to have a meltdown to make the men pay attention, eh?
I kind of see a parallel with Trouper here; you did something he appreciated so he is now nicer to be around; your cowboy treated you right and made you happy. I guess heat and bugs will bring out the worst in man (woman?) and beast, but a little kindness will fix many things.

Crystal said...

Aww hes pretty nice to you. And Hooch is sure looking good, have you rode him yet?
And Fern thats too funny!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sweet. That sounds like a great day to me. We need those now and then!

Linda said...

LOL Mine would have said that giving me flowers would have been rewarding me for getting mad ;)