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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wash Day

The horses coming in.
Buddy's turn today.

Behind the barn.  Who is Mom riding? "Sorry guys, today is washday."

 I thought I might just include a picture of the Grandkid's horse's foot (that's him with the blaze face, a super old horse but a little rough to ride). 
He had a horrible split up the front of his hoof that was causing him grief but we have a really good farrier (the horse had another hoof injury, some time ago, that he and the young lady vet we use cured him of when the other vet in town wanted to do some horrible and expensive procedure) He very carefully nailed a shoe nail in side ways to hold this split together. It was very tricky to do with out pricking the horse but worked like a charm.

Well, back to the wash. It's nice to be able to hang it out today.

6 comments: said...

I just found your blog and already love...where are you in AB? Looks like Hanna/Cessford area?!
Can't wait to follow your blog!

The Farmer's Trophy Wife said...

Farriers are amazing...finding a great one is the trick!

fernvalley01 said...

Very slick way to fix that hoof . A good farrier is worth a lot ,they are getting harder to find. Especially the really good ones as they get so busy!Fresh linens dried on the line ,mmm Nothing like it!

Nicole said...

I'll come ride them for you :) boy I wish we had that many horses come running!! We have 7 and my fiance's horse is here too. I need to get my Palomino broke... time is my enemy here :(

Crystal said...

you using your washing machine yet? Did you ever find something to paint the inside with?

Your ponies are looking good!

LindaG said...

Beautiful horses! And a really inventive farrier. glad you got a second opinion. Look really good.

Have a great weekend! :)