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Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Angels

A day of fixing oilers, filling oilers, hauling salt. 

Note the nice salt boxes my cowboy made out of old corral boards

Washday for me, cleaning house, and fixing things too.

The little angels (one for each of my own daughters) might look like expensive crystal (which I really like, like the candle holders behind them) but they are just plastic ones that I picked up cheap at Wally World at Christmas one year (hence the need to glue the left arm and sheet music music back on the closest angel, gotta love crazy glue.) 

Our youngest daughters plays the violin, the middle girl- the clarinet (piano and trumpet),  and the oldest can really sing nice (along with play the piano, organ, flute, trombone, guitar, her little sister's violin in 20 minutes the first time she picked it up, and is currently taking Cello lessons; and she speaks Russian, French-a little bit, and 3 different dialects of Philipino) so these little angels remind me of them every time I look at them.

I can't do anything musical but play the radio so they don't get it from me but I do like languages. Get this, an old cowgirl who has studied French, Welsh, Hebrew, Latin, and Cree. I hope that wasn't bragging, just what I'm interested in.

I could have bought a heading angel, a heeling angel, and a barrel racing angel because they do that too (they are all good ropers, talents so wasted on those city boys they married) but these were what they had.

Then I wanted to frame a couple of wedding photos: one of our youngest daughter, 

(that little black, velvet covered bible is in Swedish and was inherited by my cowboy from his great grandmother; quite a treasure)

and one of 'our other daughters'.

and the nice yellow mare, San Dee, she left behind when she moved to Australia, for the next few years, to be with her new husband (Robin she must really love you!).

Well, I better quite fussin' with things and get some more work done. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Shirley said...

Wow, you have some talented and lovely daughters! Interesting languages you have studied. I wouldn't mind learning some Cree.

fernvalley01 said...

Your little angels are so pretty ,I have as a favorite memento a little plastic church that was my Grandma's, I will send you a picture. Not expensive but a treasure to me . Your girls sound wonderful and bright what a prouds mom! As for your study of languages ,cool! I wish I had learned more , not to late My Grandad went to university(extended education) in his late 70's and studied German.We all need to keep filling our minds

Cheyenne said...

Your family is so talented! What a treasure your girls are.

The Wife said...

Sounds like you brought up some awesome kids. But then again, they were blessed with awesome parents!

I'm very limited in "talents" unless you count bull whispering! ;o)

Farmchick said...

Enjoyed my visit today. :) Hope you have a great weekend...stop on over for a visit sometime.

Crystal said...

Looks like a busy day, but a good one too :)

LindaG said...

As Walter Brennan used to say "No brag, just fact". I think that's amazing that you have studied all those languages! :)

Lovely daughters. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)

Linda said...

Hey, I can play the radio pretty good too, we should get together and do a duet.

Anonymous said...

Crazy glue is great except when you glue your hands together! :) Your daughters sound wonderful! and nope you weren't bragging about speaking languages. I wish I could.