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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Time to Go Boys

This is what happens when bulls have been out 6 weeks.

Yup it's time to go boys. That poor cow.

These girls had the only shade for miles staked out. I was envious.

I was dreaming of this, but that was yesterday, our wedding anniversary. I've been married to the same cowboy for a really looooooooong time. Not long, though, when you consider we promised 'forever.'

These are my favorite pictures of us. 

We were both wearing the same kind of little brown boots. I wore my out, I guess, but these are his actual boots that his mom gave me. When we first met we were both wearing matching orangy coloured boots (but no pictures of those).

Best decision I ever made, to marry that skinny, homely, poor kid. Not that it's been a road without any bumps but he's a good husband, a good dad, and a top hand that I really admire.


fernvalley01 said...

Happy Aniversary! I love what you have done with the boots!

Shirley said...

Well happy anniversary to you and your top hand! Those are just the cutest pictures.

Crystal said...

I never knew those were really his boots, how cute! And I thought I was gonna see a picture of the table???

~ Janis said...

A very Very Happy Anniversary Month to you both!
Such sweet sentiments and great photos.

I got bull questions:

So 70 bulls ? ( this is mind boggling from my perspective )

Where do you get them from ? ( breed auctions, breeders, neighbors? leased, borrowed or purchased? )
How many years do you use the same bull, on average ?

You only put them out for 60 days?
How do you know if all your cows got bred in 60 days ? ( palpate, KMar markers, etc? )

How many cows you got ?
( How many bulls per cow.. )

Acres? ( trying to figure the milage on the bulls )

Are all your Simmental bulls black ?

Have you tried any SimAngus bulls ?
Do the Charolais bulls always give you the most trouble ?
Why do you think its that way ?

We got one Polled Hereford 2.5 year old bull, purchased from a well known Vermont Hereford breeder, for 50 cows on 700 well fenced acres.
We used him last year and he bred 98% of the herd the first 3 weeks he was out and only had 2 tailenders. Still waiting for one to calve.
( see blog )
Ok, I think thats it. Ive been wanting to ask all these bull questions for a long time.
Thanks. Janis

LindaG said...

Congratulations and a belated Happy Anniversary!

Is that the only cow ready to breed? Goodness, haha. As you say, poor cow! :)

Hope you're having a good Sunday! :)

aurora said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the boots!

Linda said...

Happy anniversary! Love the rainbow shot!

Anonymous said...

I love the boots. That's awesome his mom still had them!!!