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Monday, July 12, 2010

Toronado Warning

There is a tornado warning for our exact area. Aaah! Wonder if . . .  I hate thinking like that. I also hate living in a trailer with no basement to hide in. If my blog abruptly ends after this, you will know.

On the lighter side, I took horses to the farrier today. Good farrier, we treat him like gold. Kind of a boring day for me, all though, our farrier is kind of fun to visit with. He always has lots of good stories from when he used to cowboy.

Today it was about a buckskin horse (my buckskin colt Hooch that he was trimming right then made him think of it I guess) he had to ride for 28 days straight, on the 19th day was the last day he bucked till he was 25 years old and then he bucked some yahoo off that deserved it. He was sorry he'd sold him but he was young and needed the money. He said the fellow who bought him rode the horse, then it taught that fellow's kids to ride and then the neighbors kids.

I got back just in time to see my cowboy coming through the gate.

Roxy had gone with him and looked glad to be back. It was a hot day. You can always tell when cowboys don't wear their leggins.

He made blueberry pancakes, drisseled strawberry syrup and covered them in whipped cream.  (I'm so lucky to have married a man that can cook.)

Roxy really liked them.

Cotton (my bestest most favoritest cat, who loves me) wanted some too. I think it was the cream. I got some cream I wasn't expecting when he wrastled me down and squirted some in my mouth (through clenched screaming/giggling teeth). Cowboys and whipped cream, watch out!


fernvalley01 said...

What a wonderful fellow to come home to! You guys are a great couple , hardworking, simple living and a streak of fun!So nice. ANd now I want Blueberry pankakes!

Crystal said...

Hmmm sounds like a dangerous mixture!
We had a tornado warnign too, but nothing yet, whew.
I love that picture of Cotton, she looks so good!

Shirley said...

May the good Lord keep you safe! Crystal too! We had a big wind blow through here in the afternoon, a few trees down but that's all.
Talented man, your husband! So why were you clenching your teeth- whipped cream, yum!

Anonymous said...

Heii the 2nd shot is cool one

Anonymous said...

We had some Tornado warnings in my part of the country too last night! I hope all is well with you! I'm scared to death of stuff like that. We have a Berm house and I told my fiance that if he's not home when bad weather comes through, don't be surprised if I'm hiding under his daughter's bed. She has the safest room in the house other than our closet :)

Jennifer said...

Yumm, those pancakes look delish!!!

LindaG said...

Haha! Hope you're okay and there was no tornado. They don't do warnings here the way they did when I was growing up. Here, a warning isn't much better than a watch. Annoying!

Cats do love whipped cream!

CCC said...

Whew, passed us by but some one about 45 minutes west of us got a picture of a twister.

Mock indignation plus I was worried about how much he was going to spray in there. Glad we can still be kids once in a while, 2nd childhood, I guess.

LindaG said...

Best way to stay young! :)