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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, here we are, protected by God, from tornado warnings. But a fellow about 45 minutes east got a picture of a twister. It's plumb cold and wet today, though.

There was nothing real pressing this morning so we have been hanging out inside but it won't be long and the boredom will have driven my cowboy nuts and he'll be out in it trying to accomplish something.

Late yesterday he brought in a broken legged bull. The vet and the owner said to put him down. It's always hard on my cowboy to do that. We value every life and try hard to take care of all that we have stewardship over, but things out of our control just happen. Could be that wasn't why he wasn't in a hurry to brave the miserable outside, this morning, the nasty job that has to be done.

The broken leg bull is the guy on the right. The other two big old bulls are wussy and are looking for a nice place out of the storm. That's why they are hanging up around the yard here.

Ha! I knew it. Guess I have to go help now.


Crystal said...

We are hanging around inside too, its too cold to go outside. Which means I dont get to ride Dinero, but maybe tommorow.

Jennifer said...

Glad the tornado missed ya'll! I hear ya about bored, stir crazy cowboys. It sure doesn't take long. ;)

Nicole said...

Glad the tornado missed you! Yeah I don't like the job of putting things down either. In fact, I don't, my dad and fiance take care of that for me. They don't like it either though.

LindaG said...

It's never easy to put any animal down, even if necessary. *hugs* to you both.

Shirley said...

Too bad about the bull, I hate it when things like that happen. I had to put down my best mare because of a broken leg.
Glad the twister missed ya!

Cheyenne said...

I'm glad you avoided the tornado. Secretly I like rainy days, I like being forced to be cooped up in the house...being able to turn the oven on! :)

Linda said...

We went to the city cause there wasn't much getting accomplished around here while it was's a year ago on July 14 that the tornado hit Pine Lake. Devastating!