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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, today was the 2nd day my cowboy rode my colt, Hooch. He's awesome. He only had 30 days on him and today he took hit from a cow, chased a sick baby out of some very thick brush, and held the calf like it was no big deal. And I think he's handsome too.

It was an eventful day. 

I saw a huge raven but couldn't get a good picture of it. They are too smart
But I did get a picture of the stick nest.  They often build them on these oil tanks, so few trees around here.

 I have no idea what kind of ungulate this was.

 I helped hold the oiler while my cowboy and my colt put the leg back on. It's one of the new oilers we got last year.  It made the cows happy. And all before 3:00 PM. Now I get to stay home for the rest of the afternoon (and do wash) and my cowboy goes to the bull trimming and then the bulls are turned out in 3 of the 4 herds. Then the headaches really start; 70 or so bulls and not all of them nice.


The Wife said...

okay, explain this oiler to me.

CCC said...

Bug-get-ridder is mixed with diesel and put in the cylindrical container at the top. There are valves that release the mixture onto the wicks (ropes) when the cows rub/itch on them. The ropes or wicks become saturated with the bug-et-ridder and it transfers to the cows and voila! bugless happy cows.

It stands upright on 4 spread out legs (like looking at a + from the top) that are supposed to keep it from tipping over. All the rubbing must have loosened one of the bolts holding a leg in place and that is why we had to pull it upright and reattach the leg.

Shirley said...

Your colt looks like a good one. I think the ungulate is a big ol' deer; at first I thought elk but there is no evidence of brow tines.

Crystal said...

Not sure what theat skull is, looks weird. Hooch does look good though.