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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dirty Beggars

That's what my cowboy's grandma called them, "Those dirty beggars!" (refering to coyotes) and I agree. Many life and death dramas play out on the bald prairie. Today it was a mama antelope and a pair of double teaming coyotes. 

She had a baby hid in some bushes. The coyotes knew and one would lure her off (mother antelope really mean business when they chase a coyote) and while she was off chasing the one the other coyotes was after the baby. Some thing it's hard to get a picture of.

But I did get a picture of the one hunting my dog. That's my horses ear in the foreground. He was so close I could have almost roped him, just laying all quiet like I couldn't see him.


Crystal said...

Cute picture, Ill post mine too, with Pic in

LindaG said...

I gather from your post that your dog is okay. I certainly hope so.
I would have been in awe of what you saw, but I don't see it every day.
Glad you are safe. Hope you all have a good week!

CCC said...

It would take a smart, tough coyote to get my dog when I'm there. I've had to run off some real nasty ones. They aren't very scared of me though they sure can run when I get my horse right on their tail. But I hate going that fast.

Shirley said...

Coyote got my friend's cat today; within sight of her house, and close to town. Any coyote in my yard is fair game for my 300 Savage.

CCC said...

Shoot em up is all I can say.

Linda said...

We've got a couple of dens around but I can't say as they've ever bothered much except my sleep.