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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Duck Works

Another pretty day. Today we rode close to the Ducks Unlimited project. Cattle were stickin' near the water in the heat.

The project consists of a series of sloughs connected by ditches. This is an overflow from upstream.

This is the down stream side showing how the ditch leads to another slough.

Cattle like to hang out in shade of the brush that grows nearby (especially the black ones).

The roses are so pretty right now.

We parked up on a hill way west of the house trailer and rode out and back from there. It's the west side of a large basin that we live in.

I thought I might include this picture of a "Welcome Home" bronze one of our daughters bought us. She said that is how she always remembers us: me running to her dad to give him a kiss whenever he came home. We don't have to be apart anymore now that the kids are raised. We ride out and we come home together. Its a good time in our lives, well worth the wait. 

The couple in the pictures are my great-grandfather and great-grandmother. I'm not sure exactly how long they were married, over 60 years. My grandparents were married 63 years and my folks were married a month short of 50 years when my dad passed away. We've been married over  30 years. I always tell my girls, they come from a long line of Love.


LindaG said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing all of this. :)

fernvalley01 said...

Lovely pictures and a lovley post ! Simple things like a kiss hello and or goodbye are things we should always try to remeber

Shirley said...

That sure is ride-for-hours country. Love the old photos and bronze, and the Michael Martin Murphy song Long Line of Love.

Linda said...

I like that "ducks" field, especially all the water that goes though.

Crystal said...

Wow does the water ever look blue there! How cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the statue!

My great grandparents were married 79 years. It would have been longer but my great grandpa passed away 10 days shy of his 108th birthday! I love good long love stories! They're the best!