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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

Again it's raining, got me thinking about cats and dogs. Here's a few of ours and other folks.

Bouquet which is a fancy way of saying Bucket because of a near death experience she had in a bucket. She is very, how do I say this politely? gassy.

Josephine (named after Israel's son Joseph, with the coat of many colours.

Justin's dog at the branding

Betty Sue who used to be called Borris, a friend's dog.

Varmint, a tiny tyrrant, our newest addition.

Bachgen, (means Boy in Welsh). His full name is Rock Talkin' Bachgen because he talks to rocks, something everyone should see at least once.

Li'l Miss, mother to all our pups, Bachgen included

Jesse, daughter of Blue and Li'l Miss


LindaG said...

Varmint is adorable. All the others are very pretty, especially Bachgen. Justin's dog didn't look too happy though...

God bless. ♥

Shirley said...

We got hit with the heavy rain here too, s'posed to get a thunderstorm today. Makes it tough to get all those pups out of the dog run to play, and it sure is hard to keep track of them when they are all out at once! One more going to it's new home today. Love Bachgen, beautiful boy.

Nicole said...

awe, I love the dogs. I'm more of a dog person myself really. My cat and I have issues, she pees all over my stuff but that's another story entirely. but the dogs are beautiful! and really the cats aren't bad ;)

Crystal said...

aww I think Betty-Sue is cutest, but maybe Im biased.

Linda said...

....and where's Cotton?