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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Stills-History

I had a lot of fun looking around my house for history. Here goes. The horse my grandmother in Wales sent me over 50 years ago so I'm pretty sure it's older than 60 years. The picture frame (with one of my beautiful daughter's wedding picture) is not a reproduction and the hand crocheted runner on the piano was made by my great grandmother.

A button or spat hook, a small broach made from mother of pearl, and my grandmothers locket with a beautifully engraved message in Danish on the back of it.

Hand crocheted gloves from the era when no one went out without gloves. (I still always wear gloves but they are leather work ones).

My actual sewing machine. Apparently singer still makes treadle machines. This one was from the 1940's

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love books. The Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary from 1924 is one of my pride and joys. 

But my washing machine I think is my favorite. I went to an auction with Crystal and bought it for $30 which is probably more than what it cost new. Also if you know me you know I like doing the laundry, one of my fond memories from my childhood I guess.

 It is the coolest thing. It has it's own built in scrub board.

 That handle on the front you use to make it tip one way then the other for the aggitation.

I wish I had the wringer that fits on the back but the tray is still there that directs the water back into the tub so it's not messy or wasting water when you wring out your clothes. Note the little drain on the bottom that a hose will fit into so you can easily drain it when you are done.

It is damaged and rusted on the very bottom inside or I might actually use it, in the summer at least. I'm trying to figure out a way to fix it so I can. I repainted the outside after I read that painting can prolong the life of galvanized things which is what this is. But the paint can wear off and get on your clothes so it doesn't work for the inside. If anyone has any ideas?


LindaG said...

My grandmother had a sewing machine like yours. I wish I had it.
I've not seen a washing machine like yours. You might ask at a hardware store the next time you are in town, if you might be able to use something like Rustoleum to remove the rust, and then see if they could recommend something for the inside of your washer.

I hope one of your friends can come up with a good idea.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

Crystal said...

Those are some pretty cool things, Im sure I have heard of most of them, but I have a short memory sometimes, so good to hear them again. I really like those gloves, they are really pretty.

Shirley said...

What a neat collection of things! We don't have any of our family's historical things; my dad had some lovely furniture of his mother's (Dad is 82 now) but his wife sold them all- without telling us- when they moved into their new house. I would have bought the secretary desk and the Duncan Fife table if I had known they were for sale.
The old washer is a cool one; we had a Beatty wringer washer that Ted used in his store in Black Diamond for displays. I have my mom's washboard, but I don't think it's an antique.

Nicole said...

Have the powder coating put on it?? I'm not sure if that'd work or not but my dad told me to do that with an old milk can and it would last lots longer and get rid of the rust??

I love the gloves. They are so dainty and feminine! And the sewing machine. My fiance and I bought one for my mom for $50. They say it still works but I'm not sure it is in as good of shape as yours!

fernvalley01 said...

The washer is sure interesting ,I have never seen one like that . Love the rest esp the lovely frame .I have a sewing machine quite similar ,if only I sewed ...

Jennifer said...

WHat neat things! I love old stuff. My mom has a 40's model machine, she uses it to quilt. I think it might be a little smaller than yours maybe. Hard to tell. Anyway, she loves it.

Linda said...

You've got some nice old stuff. I love the button grandmother used one.

Just K said...

I was doing a search for clip art, when your sewing machine picture came up. I use a treadle like that. a 1948 singer. It sews like a dream, for sure.

I need to find a washer like that. These new high efficiency things are low clean, if you ask me.