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Friday, June 25, 2010

A happy Day

Here's Buddy wondering where his favorite cowboy is going with the trailer ( another broken bull was headed home) I thought it was cute and took this picture just before he headed off after him.  I did finally catch him.

Here's Pic very carefully eating the leaves of prairie rose bushes. He must just be sick of all the grass and have a craving for something different. (note the new taps)

It hard to explain the smell of the prairie this time of year. The wolf willow with it's soft, baby powder smell, the rose bushes blooming everywhere, and the underlying scent of sage.

And here's Bathsheba cooling her bag. It was hot and she is black.

Then after all our work was done we went over to the neighbors to help them change pastures. The little girl on the buttermilk buckskin just had a baby 3 weeks ago. She said it felt so good to be back on a horse. 

Roxy headed back down the road to the trucks. She's a good worker; doesn't get the cattle to riled up.

Old cowboys sure like to tell stories, and the young cowboys who are wanting to learn listen to them all.

This picture doesn't show it but on the way home it looked like the moon was peeking over the clouds at us. I always kind of think of that guy in the moon as being kind of a friend of mine.


LindaG said...

Great photos! How wonderful, all the natural beauty. Really glad I met you. :)

You both have a great weekend!
We're expecting rain, but going to try going fishing anyway. :)

Nicole said...

I love the first picture. The look on the horses face is priceless! & good work dogs are hard to come by! My dad had the best but he died. We haven't had another one like him since.

Shirley said...

Days like this make up for those other unmentionable days. The prairie is looking lovely. I take it Roxy is working out well since you got her back. She looks like a good-sized strong dog.

Jennifer said...

I was horseback 2 weeks after I had my baby, I know just how that lil' gal feels! :)

fernvalley01 said...

Great pictures .I like your hubby's horse .I always like the high stockings (Sunday go to Meeting, kind of horse)

The Wife said...

I could smell the prairie thru your picture. It was lovely!

Man it's so hot here. I enjoy cooling my bag in the water too!

CCC said...

She's a good dog like her dad, Blue. We're sure happy to have her.