You know you've won, in life, when people pay you to do what you would pay them to let you do

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paper Work

Well at least all this wet, cold, rainy, stay-in-the-house weather is good for something; I'm so bored I'm actually catching up on my paperwork. No wonder I neglect it, it's soooooo boring, especially after the eventful life riding across the prairie. But it all has to get done. . .  even the paperwork.

Let's see?
1. Who left manifests (more annoyingly- who didn't) when they brought in their cows.
2. Semen test papers, check.
3. Type up report for which bulls got Fusaguard (for foot rot), hooves trimmed, and Cylence (for flies).
4. Invoice the Lease for the shingles I paid for out of my pocket when the cowboy had to fix the roof after the big wind storm and in a hurry before the rain. (But first I have to find the reciept).
5. Type up the diary pages he keeps so I can send them into the board (like we don't have enough work to do, still they never show up to see us actually working. Cowboys are hard to see from the road. ).
6. Sneak in an hour on for my blog (Who me?)
7. Copy forms for hunting permission.
8. Find a folder for the ticket writing stuff (another job for the lease rider now,  catch people on the lease   doing what they aren't supposed to and give them official looking written warnings. Instead of the Lease Rider he'll soon be known as the Lease Writer, ha, ha.)

Meanwhile, it's too wet to 'work' so the cowboy is out fixing fence.


LindaG said...

They don't show this part of cowboy/ranch life on TV.
Good luck with all that paperwork!

The Wife said...

Ugh, paperwork! The husband and I so need to sit down and transfer all his "recordkeeping" from his handwritten notes to computer files. But it's tedious and BORING! Just like you said.

Crystal said...

Lol, I like number 6. Thats more likely what I do when I am supposed to be doing other stuff.

Linda said...

I need to get at mine but I've lots of excuses and haven't yet.....I'll pay for it in the end.

Shirley said...

"Cowboys are hard to see from the road" had me laughing! I hate paperwork too and tend to let it pile up.