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Friday, June 25, 2010

Huge Grumblings

I guess you have to know how terrified I am of lightening to really appreciate this. But I say to my cowboy: "I think that storm is coming our way" He's says: "No it's headed south, away from us." I ride on, not quite believing him but . .  he is the boss, right?

I say: "I really think that storm is coming our way."  He says: "It'll be quite a while before it gets here." I ride on, not quite believing him but . . . he is the boss, right?

The feeling in the air changes to muggy and still and without a word he turns and heads back to the trailer. I follow; after all he is the boss, right? On the way there I hear grumbling (and not from me). 

 Just as we finished loading up it starts to spit. Whew! It's already pretty wet driving through the lease so we decide it might be more prudent to go the long way around, on pavement. About a 35-40 minute drive.

About here we stop and put the dogs in the back seat of the new truck ( that we are only using on the lease because the work truck has a broken wheel and has to sit in the field till we can pay for the repairs) which the cowboy swore they would never be allowed to do.

Yup, that was a good idea.

Blue and Roxy aren't so sure. (that's the cane my cowboy is hobbling around with since he pulled his groin muscle getting bucked off a while back)

The back side of the storm. I didn't get any of the lightening in a picture but it was there along with all that huge grumbling. Another day, not hit by lightening, life is good.


Linda said...

We got rained and hailed on from the same cloud tonight at a branding too. I hate being wet.

fernvalley01 said...

Glad you got out of the weather safely !

Shirley said...

That's one good thing about the prairies; you can see a storm coming from a long way. That last photo is awesome.

The Wife said...

Men, when will they learn to listen to us?! Glad you made it back to the truck before the bottom fell out. I hate lightning too especially when I'm the tallest thing in the area! (The husband is shorter than me so I usually squat down to his level!)

LindaG said...

Hahaha!!! Perhaps next time he'll listen to you...
But then again, he's a guy, so probably not. ;)

Glad everyone is okay! :)

Crystal said...

That was lucky, usually he waits till you are wet, must have been listening to you after all.

Nicole said...

Gotta love it! Seriously, they never listen :)... gotta smile and nod. My great grandma always said not to argue, just keep it in your head because then you win the argument b/c he has no idea what you're thinking :) I'm like you, don't care so much for lightning!