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Monday, May 31, 2010

For Sale Pages Added

I added three pages for horses and dogs we have for sale. Check them out in the side bar.

Flannel shirt, wool sweater, insulated jacket with my oilcloth slicker over top and I was still cold riding today. Checked one herd of around 500 cow/calf pairs in a very wet pasture. We are going to have to move them Wednesday or all the bulls they will be turning out on Tuesday will have foot rot for sure. I hate that field and it has made me cry, more than once, because I was so scared and frustrated. I'm terrified of my horse punching through and sinking up to his chest like what happened to my cowboy. Plus it is horrible to try to move cows out of that field around all the water and wet ground.

Then we moved 114 cow/calf  pairs about 7 miles. It was a long cold, spitting rain, chilling wind day. In the words of Baxter Black, "It was a day that stunt men and daredevils would have stayed home," but not cowboys, obviously. Home never looked so good.


Linda said...

I always say there isn't as much romance in cowboyin' as people might like to think.

LindaG said...

I hope all the cattle moving goes well!

Either Blue or Green are my favorite color, depending on my mood. :)