You know you've won, in life, when people pay you to do what you would pay them to let you do

Friday, May 14, 2010

Glad to be a Girl

I like being a cowboy's wife (helpmeet- did you know 'meet' means necessary so I guess from that God must have meant our help is necessary), of course, but more than that: I like being girl. That's from someone who grew up wanting to be a boy.

And I guess in a way I was the son my dad wished for (only better, he he). I was such a tomboy: climbing trees, catching polywogs (one grew into a frog almost, only had just a short tail left), fighting (stupidly with kids bigger than me), playing marbles ( I was good too, won all the neighbor boy's till he became the boy with no marbles). I figured anything a boy could do I could do better till I got to cub scout age and they wouldn't let me go (back then). Boy was I ripped off. I boycotted dresses and wore plaid shirts and denim jeans, had long hair but always in 2 braids (which suited my freckled nose), packed a slingshot to ping any of those stupid (lucky boys), and wished everyday I was one (and that had nothing to do with penis envy).

I grew up and fell in love with a cowboy who lets me do all the boy things (except the standing up to you- know-what) I want. He even bought me the Red Rider BB gun I always wanted (to shoot coyotes that come that close to get my dog and believe me the dirty beggars do).

I'm his hired man and he expects a lot. Some times I have to remind him "Hey, I'm a 56 year old lady, not a 34 year old man."

But he buys me pretty things too: Crystal candle holders, pink flowery dishes, lace curtains, a lucious (fake) fur coat (that I didn't even need), cute socks, much needed makeup; things the girl in me really likes. He's kissed me, horseback, under the watchful eye of a big yellow harvest moon, protected me from hurtful people, tenderly taken charge when I was too scared to face something. He lies and tells me I'm pretty, and apologizes even when it's me that's wrong.  He's made me glad I'm a girl. (Now if he could just make me happy to cook.)


Shirley said...

Awww, what a sweet guy! Mine does little romantic things for me too, but also expects me to be as tough as I was 20 years ago. Like you, I never let being a girl stop me from doing all the things the boys did (only better- sometimes. Girly activities were way too boring!

The Wife said...

I loved this post. Seems we are a lot alike.

Crystal said...

I agree with you, there were many time I wished I was a boy, but now Im glad I am a girl. I like nail polish and pink and more pink and I mostly like not having to work!

LindaG said...

I wasn't much of a tomboy, but I never did like skirts or dresses either. Jeans and t-shirts, that's me. :)

I didn't know how to cook until after I married my husband, haha. Then I learned because he put BBQ sauce on everything and that got old.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

The Wife said...

Wanted to reply to the comment you just left for me. My ultimate goal would be for ranches to let me ride along and document them. We live in a large farming area. Not many ranches around. I worked a branding for a stock contractor last year and took pictures. It was awesome. Can't do it this year because he's working cattle during the week. Dang job! But my cattle like to eat so I work a "real" job in order to live the life I really want. Some day, maybe, I'll be able to follow my dreams...