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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Power and Pashaw

Last night, I got home from the branding, happy cause I got to rope, tired and dirty but with some fun pictures. I had just about finished putting them on this Blog when the power went out, cablam! I was too tired and disgusted so I crawled out of my clothes and into bed and didn't phone the power company till morning.

Now I can't even get into that account on my computer with all my pictures on it. And I'm even more tired and grumpy today, after another long day in the saddle (lunch was at 5:00 PM) plus I stupidly forgot my camera and could have taken lots of good pictures today. The porcupine nesting in a clump of buffalo berry bushes would have been awsome, the three cow arguement would have been interesting. I missed the coyote culpret and how Pashaw won out hearts today. Dang!

We took one of our 6 month old collie pups, Pashaw, her first time out with us. She was nervous about getting too close to all those crabby mother cows but she followed us. She stopped at one point and I couldn't figure out why until I saw her run from the coyote that was stalking her. I ran my horse back and chased it off, the dirty rotter. She stuck a little closer to us after that.

We found some calves with pneumonia that needed treating and as usual my cowboys hat blew off on the chase and we lost the pup at about the same time. We called and called her on our way back to look for the hat. (I was really hoping my cowboy would remember where it blew off and he did.) When we found the hat we found Pashaw lying down right beside it, guarding it from the cows and hoping we would come back I guess.

My cowboy was so impressed he told me: "She's a keeper." I wasn't surprised, knowing how much he values his hat. I knew she was a good pup all along.


The Wife said...

That's always how it happens. Power goes out, forget the camera and so many good shots missed. The pup sounds great. The last collie pup I had was lured out into the pasture by coyotes late one night. She would have been a great dog. Glad you found the hat and her!

Crystal said...

aww thats cute! Good thing he remembers where he lost his hat!