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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meet Roxy

 Meet Roxy, (daughter of Blue)

Meet Roxy sulking. (because she's not working, aka having fun)

Meet Roxy eating cat poo

                   Meet Roxy having fun (aka working).

This was Roxy's 3rd time moving cattle. My cowboy says she's starting to get her side commands (come by, and away to me) already. Here, it's on the job training (which takes a vast amount of patience from my cowboy, our horses, and the cattle but there's lot of room and time). Cattle are so big they can be intimidating for a young dog but here they have lots of room to get away from mad mama's who are mostly just bluffing anyway. Later they will learn to work in close in corral situations.

We have all (except for beautiful Bachgen) short haired Collies. For us it's so much more practical with all the burrs and spear grass. When we had longer haired dogs we would have to shave the hair on their lower legs up to half way up their sides during the worst of the spear grass. Plus the dirt, mud, and manure just drops off them and they almost always look clean and track in much less when they come in the house.


Shirley said...

She looks like a good sized dog, which I s'pose is good, considering all the ground you cover in a day. My new pup looks like she'll be a short hair too.

The Wife said...

Roxy eatin' cat poo! Eewwww! We had Harley shaved yesterday. So tired of pickin' the burs out of him and having them all over the house.

Hey, I heard there was snow up your way!!

Linda said...

I remember Sally when she was a pup.....she saw the cat taking a dump and burying it......she thought if it was good enough to bury, it must be good enough to dig up and ear......Eewwwww!