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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Nursery

City folks never believe me when I tell them cows babysit. Here's the picture proof.

Once, when we were starting to move a heard of cow/calf pairs my cowboy told me: "Go over that hill and stir those cows up." I got over the hill and decided I wasn't quite sure what he meant. I saw a couple of old cows laying with bunch of calves. I decided he must have meant to get them up and move them off, which I tried to do. I got them up but I couldn't get them to leave. Nearby mothers of the calves heard the commotion and came running. As each one picked up their calf I was able to drive them off towards the gate. The two old cows I knew had their calves with them but I couldn't get them to go. They insisted on staying till every one of those other calves' mothers had come and got them. When the last one came they happily headed off behind her.

The lady from the purebred operation I sometimes work for told me a funny story. A young fellow from the city came down with her son to put together this green house she bought. It was just about dark when they got to her place and this young fellow hurried and changed into his farm duds and came back upstairs with a flashlight wanting to go right out to the cows. They explained it would be better if he waiting till morning. He was so insistent about going out in the dark when the cows were standing there sleeping because he told them he had been really looking forward to Cow Tipping. They of course, burst his bubble but I personally would have just followed him out there and watched the goings-on. I think that would have been pretty fun to watch. Don't you?


Shirley said...

Hey,I love your new header. Nice! Who made the saddle?

Crystal said...

Thats a pretty cool picture! Shows perfectly.

CCC said...

Rustly Wallace from Nanton, Willow Creek Saddles. I think he's retired now. He made really good saddles. This one is almost 10 years old and was ridden in every day for the first 4 years and long hours, then not so much in the winters since but long hours in the summer. It's seen snow, rain, hail ( I was there) bug spray, heat, wrecks, you name it and it still looks almost new.

I had an old one years ago but it weighed 60 lbs and my horse then was 16.3 so I sold it. I was always sorry I did. This one of my husband's is lighter than mine. I have a roughout wade made by Bob Kaufman. I cuss it some days. Some day I'll blog about why.

Linda said...

Great pic!

The Wife said...

We have some babysitters too.

Good 'ol cow tipping. haha

LindaG said...

That is really interesting about the cows. I enjoyed the story. :)