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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Don't Ride the Head.

Lots of people like a pretty face, even on a horse but I always say you don't ride their head. As long as what's inside it is a kind and trusting what does it matter what it looks like.

We have a half brother and he has the same long face but can he run. It's so effortless for him. I'm guessing by the way Kisses moves that she will be the same.

She's 15.3 and a 3 year old. I haven't measured her older brother but he's problably at least 16.2 now. Both are out of some famous stallion that barrel racers would like.

I like this mare. Can you tell?


The Wife said...

You're right. Don't matter what the head looks like to make a good horse. Hope she is everything and more!

Linda said...

Wonder how tall she WILL get...way to tall for my short legs that's for sure.

Shirley said...

She's built! Should be able to run with a motor like that.