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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


How can one person get sooooo tired. Hmm. Let's see 7 hours and 40 minutes in the saddle, 41 cow calf  pairs moved 5 miles, then 450 more cow calf pairs movedout of a 4 section field, with just me and Blue and my cowboy (nursing sore ribs from getting bucked off last week which I'm here to tell you made him not a lot of help and I didn't even want him in my picture with that stupid hat) and Roxy the collie who's working for him now. All I can say is: "Thank Heaven for Collies!" Oh and did I mention the calves we treated?

I'm not letting Blue get overheated again. He's a working fool (and my best friend) just like my cowboy.

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The Wife said...

My goodness, I can see why you're tired. Sometimes the men just get in the way, huh! One time when we were trying to sort our cattle in the pens, the husband was throwing a fit. He has a temper sometimes. So I made him leave so I could just handle it. Geez!