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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Branding Today

Some brandings are full of cowboys and some are full of family. This was a family type one, lots of kids, lots of chaos, but a fun day

About to start

Lucy, now called Jesse, is out of my good dog Blue. She now belongs to the folks where we branded today. She's so sad to be tied up and not still working but her part this morning was done when we got there. Gotta love the work ethic of a Collie. She remembered us.

The boss going for another iron. 
He's one of the best men I know (one of 10 siblings), giving instructions to the crew (family)

yours truly( I'm horrible at this, note the one hind leg. I usually don't get to rope but the other ropers didn't show up so in a pinch I'll do I guess).

  the two most handsome guys there. . .   

almost ? This one is taken girls.

The boss roping his calves.

 This was the happiest Grumpy was all day.


Crystal said...

aww that last picture of Trooper is sooo cute! Maybe he needs more kids around. Looks like fun, we missed our chance for fun this week.

Linda said...

Grumpy? Troop isn't a grumpy!