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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Really Need To . . .

get over my grumpy spell.

I failed at what I attempted to do today with rounding up some of the cattle and had to drive the trailer around and wait for my cowboy, Hooch, and Pshaw. When I first got there, to the south end of the field a few cows came to see if it was mooooooving day for them.

It wasn't but they called and a few more friends showed up. 

Then a few more 

 till finally they were all waiting in the corner to move South (no picture of the whole bunch). They really are insistant. So I decided to walk over there and take some portrait pictures.

I thought this one was the best. That 16 is her ear is her lease tag, it tells us who her owner is and makes sorting so much easier in the fall because they just look at the tag when the cow comes down the alley in those nice new pipe corrals I showed you the other other day. It is so much faster than reading brands on furry hides.

Pay particular attention to the variety of hairdos.

You can really see the Simmental influence, eh?

See how much Hooch has grown : ) He's gonna be a big boy I think. Note he's in a hackamore already.
My cowboy says I'm really going to like him when it's my turn. I can hardly wait.


Shirley said...

I like #25's windswept look. Remember back in the 60's when "windswept" was actually a hairstyle? Now I"m dating my self, LOL!

Ames said...

Beautiful! I could name them all. But I know they're not pets. Some look like they're wearing toupees. LOL

About the hackamore... If the horse is used to one, will he accept a bit?~Ames

Crystal said...

I like cow 3. Shes cute...for a cow.

Cheyenne said...

You are so fantastic. You actually made my face bust out in a grin looking at these sweet mama's hairdo's! ha! Just loved it.

Hope it was as warm your direction as it was ours today. :)

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots. And Hooch is looking great

Cheyenne said...

Thanks, I must get a haircut!

LindaG said...

Good looking cows. Hooch looks good, too. :)
And I think your cowboys does, though he is obviously ignoring your camera. ;)

Hope you both have a great day! :)

the Goodwife said...

I particularly like portrait number 4, the sideparted hair is just lovely! ;) Hooch is nice, and I can't wait to hear how you like him when you get to have him! God bless, and have a wonderful Sunday!

Janice said...

Love the Cow doos.

~ Janis said...

Love them Simmentals

Anonymous said...

oooo he's pretty! and I love the up close photos of the cows.