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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friends Welcome. Relatives by Appointment

I saw that on a sign once. I figured it was for folks who have too many relatives. I don't, at least not in this country. My dad immigrated from Wales along with one brother and one sister; the rest of the 8 in his family stayed there. My mom's side was Danish and not a very productive bunch.

I guess, like most people, I'm on the outs with some of my relatives, but I think the ones I would have really liked I have never had the chance to meet, until just lately. I found or rather she found me, my cousin, little Noella, who was born on Christmas Eve an ocean away. Thanks to this computer website/email thing I got found 40 miles from town, living on the lone prairie.

I can't even express in words what it means to me, to have family. I think my sign would read:

                                 "Relatives Croeso, Croeso, Croeso"

(that 's Welsh for Welcome, Welcome, Welcome). Who cares if my power keeps going out; along with the bad weather I've been given a Christmas Gift in April.



Shirley said...

Family is wonderful. I have recently, through Facebook, connected with dozens of relatives, some I haven't talked to for decades! We are planning a family reunion in August.

Crystal said...

Wow that picture sure aint from this year. Thats so cool you got a hold of her, or rather she got a hold of you.

CCC said...

That was from our first christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Cowboy. I need to try that Facebook thing.

Abbie Price said...

Hii, just lookin over grandads shoulders at the e-mail you sent him... have you got facebook since in a wierd and wonderful way we are related...My name is Abbie and Sharon is my mum... thaanx...