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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buddy Love

A few years ago my cowboy bought a horse, was supposed to have bucked a guy off as high as a local old style two story hotel. Buddy is a big sorrel, four white stockings, blaze face, something like John Wayne would ride or the Calgary Stampede Ranch would pay big dollars for. You know they like those sorrels with 4 socks, right?

Now, my horses like me, don't get me wrong but what has transpired between my cowboy and that horse is awe inspiring to me. I've never had a horse hooked on me like Buddy is onto my cowboy.

The first time he ever roped anything off the horse it was a bull that needed treating. That horse hung on for dear life when my cowboy stepped down, tied off, and then proceeded to tie the bull up with his leg rope. Buddy worked so hard to do his part, keeping our cowboy safe, that he won my heart that day.

Once when my cowboy's horse fell with him and the old fool broke his collarbone and 4 ribs I ended up having to check herds. At the end of a day, I drove into the yard in the old blue Dodge pulling the stock trailer, my cowboy's working rig. Buddy who, with a couple of friends, had been allowed to wander around in the yard saw the truck and came running to the driver's window. He looked in and saw me in the driver's seat and then ran over to the passenger's side looking for our cowboy.

Many days I see him standing as close as he can to the house trailer trying to look in the windows to see his cowboy. After a hard days work he'll stay up rather than going out to be with the other geldings as long as our cowboy is around. He just loves the guy. I've never seen anything like it and don't quite understand the depth of that relationship. It's pretty cool to watch, though.


Linda said...

Is that the Johnson horse?

CCC said...

Maybe that was the fellow's name that rode him before but I'm not sure. All I know is we're sure glad they didn't like him.

Shirley said...

That's a darn special horse.

The Wife said...

Very special. Your cowboy sounds like my dad. He had a horse flip with him, broke his collarbone and ribs. Stinkin' cowboys!

CCC said...

and a darn special cowboy.

CCC said...

Oh, now. Let's not be too hard on them. If we don't love these foolish old men who will?