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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One "Fine" Day

Interesting day.  At first I thought it was going to snow and we hung around the house for a while but my cowboy said it was "fine" and he needed some help. So, after many years of living with this man I knew "fine" meant, long underwear, flannel shirt, warm vest, scarf,  gloves, and my snowmobile jacket. Dressing for "fine"paid off and I was toasty warm in spite of the weather. 

There was some blue sky.

but the geese thought "fine" meant they better head south.

I noticed this first off. After the Alberta Wild Roses are done these red berry like things (rose hips) are left that are extremely high in Vitamin C.

that apparently coyotes eat.

Sorry. To wipe that image out of your head I saw this hawk feather. I have no idea why I think this but every time I see a feather I think it is a message from God that he loves me. I know . . . wierd. 

I can't believe the height of the needle and thread grass. (Big fire hazard)

Bachgen got to come with his dad Blue today. He was a happy dog until

I called them back so they wouldn't chase this mother antelope.

We checked the combined Charolais/Late Red Angus herd.

We found a sick calf that needed treating. Pretty cold and they don't have their long fuzzies on yet so we are watching for pneumonia.

He took his medicine like a big boy

Then we went to the south end to take care of this bad customer. He was scared enough to be dangerous but we were careful and it all worked out. He's safe, back in the bull pasture till Wednesday, next week when all the bulls go home (I can hardly wait).

Home looked good when I got there but it was one "fine" day, just like my cowboy said.


fernvalley01 said...

This kind of "fine " weather makes for pretty pictures but it is crisp! Hope you got a warm drink when you got it, hot apple cider or a coffee?

fernvalley01 said...

Had a native fellow tell me once that if you wree visited by the eagle , it meant you would be well taken care of , maybe the Hawk feather means something too?

gowestferalwoman said...

Isnt it funny that when you are used to working with your husband that you learn to observe what they are wearing versus asking them what you should bring along?

I only made that mistake once; after measuring trees in a Pine Plantation full of raspberry bushes and prickly ash while wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. When he said what I had on was "fine" for the day I think he meant I looked "FINE" lol...

"fine" is a loaded word!!

And love the photos ~ even the scat one lol "such contrast!"

Ames said...

That view of yours, from what I can see, is endless. The rose hips are beautiful, and God does love you. Beautiful perspective.~Ames

LindaG said...

Glad to hear it was fine and that everything went well. :)

Nicole said...

Wow your dogs are trained... ours would have kept after the antelope... of course we don't have antelope here so they'd have chased whatever was running from them! Wow it's already cold there? We are still upper 80's to lower 90's!

Shirley said...

A fine day indeed! Nice shot of the geese; and Bachgen is such a lovely boy.... not like that high headed bull! I have some of those galvanized tubs too, haven't decided what to do with them yet. Have you ever made rose hip jam?

Crystal said...

Looks like a pretty chilly day out there. Glad I thought better of riding and we just had the coffee afterwards.
Bachgen is so pretty!

Linda said...

Home is always good....I saw sandhill cranes the other day.